Statements at Art Basel

July 11, 2014

Statements at Art Basel focuses on 14 new solo projects by young emerging artists. Here are some LSS Art Advisory highlights from Statements:

American Contemporary presents David Brooks’s Lonely Loricariidae, an installation of “[f]ive ‘undescribed’ species of wild fish (species not yet studied by scientists and therefore without officially assigned names) caught in five distinct undisclosed regions of the Amazon Basin in 2014. Once beyond the border of their country of origin, the fish become legal commodities within the international aquarium trade and are arbitrarily assigned an identifying ‘L’ number since they lack a species name. Exhibited here are L14, L25, L26 L27, and L427.”

David Brooks, Lonely Loricariidae, 2014, American Contemporary at Statements, Art Basel 2014

At Kraupa-Tuskany ZeidlerKatja Novitskova utilizes a stock-image cutout of an albino stallion, an undulating arrow, and a trampoline to illustrate an intriguing installation entitled Pattern of Activation.

Katja Novitskova, Pattern of Activation, 2014, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler at Statements, Art Basel 2014

In an interview for Frieze, photographer Lucas Blalock at Ramiken Crucible shares his interest in photography as a process: “As opposed to painting, which is considered to be an accumulation of a set of decisions, photography is classically thought of as a picture made by a single decision—the shutter— and that Photoshop or the darkroom is a kind of ‘post-production’. For me, the state of the photograph is much more in the physical object and I tend to think about all of these steps as stages of production.”

Lucas Blalock, Blue Bottles, 2013, Ramiken Crucible at Statements, Art Basel 2014