LSS Art Advisory provides unbiased advice, deep knowledge of the art world, and access to a broad network of galleries, dealers, and artists worldwide. Whether you are a new or established collector, wish to purchase one special piece or build a collection, we will collaborate with you to understand your objectives, respect your aesthetic sensibility, and optimize your budget.


  • Exploration of collecting goals
  • Research and analysis of art market sectors and value
  • Museum, gallery, fair, biennial, auction and studio visits


  • Guidance in establishing art budget and collecting vision
  • An unbiased approach to artwork selection
  • Extensive network allows access to important artworks


  • Advising on frame design and production
  • Lighting consultation
  • Professional art handling from gallery to wall: insurance, packing, crating, shipping, and delivery


  • Collaboration with designers, architects, and contractors
  • On site curation and placement of collection
  • Installation and lighting consultation


  • Comprehensive documentation and collection management
  • Coordination of storage and conservation services
  • Museum loan administration