Note(worthy): Papillion

August 16, 2014

The historic neighborhood of Leimert Park in Los Angeles is becoming an exciting space for art practice and exhibitions. Contemporary artist Mark Bradford, in collaboration with the Hammer Museum, has recently purchased a building to create a community arts center. Earlier this year Papillion gallery opened. Owned by Michelle Papillion, her program focuses on emerging artists such as Kenturah Davis, Samuel Levi Jones, Lakwena, and Noah Davis. Pictured is Samuel Levi Jones’s beautiful abstract work created by the reconstruction of found Encyclopedia covers. Sam will be featured at Papillion in November with figurative sculptor and painter Derek Fordjour. Additionally, Papillion has a Video Art Residency where every Saturday in the summer they will highlight a different video artist. If you are in LA, please be sure to stop by this active contemporary arts space.

Michelle Papillion in front of Papillion gallery in Leimert Park


Samuel Levi Jones’s stretched encyclopedia skins on canvas at Papillion


A painting by Noah Davis at Papillion gallery