Los Angeles Art Fairs

March 29, 2015

The last weekend in January was a busy one with three fairs in Los Angeles: Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC), Paramount Ranch, and LA Art Book Fair. There was a lot to see, here are some of LSS Art Advisory’s highlights from ALAC and Paramount Ranch.

Channing Hanson, ALGO 54 1.1, 2014, blue faced leicester, bamboo, coopworth, ecru blue faced leicester, ecru coopworth, ecru romeldale, tunis,tussah silk, and wensleydale fibers; holographic polymers; cedar, Marc Selwyn Fine Arts

Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Paramount Ranch:

Neil Raitt, Faded, 2015, oil on canvas, Anat Egbi


Zach Harris, Sanyo Sunset, 2014-2015, water based paint, spray paint, wood, David Kordansky Gallery


William Pope.L, Purple People Are The End of Orange People, 2011, mixed media on paper, Shane Campbell Gallery


General store, Paramount Ranch art fair


Joe Zorilla’s work installed at Paramount Ranch