Headlands Center for the Arts Fundraiser

June 5, 2014

The Headlands Center for the Arts hosted its annual auction and fundraiser on June 4th. Historically, this highly anticipated Bay Area arts event has had an excellent collection of works with a particular focus on artists that have had residencies at the Headlands. This year’s auction, held in a new space in SOMA, was buzzing with energy and included works from Nina Katchadourian, Eamon Ore-Giron, Liam Everett, Anzfer Farms, Koto Ezawa, Samara Golden, Todd Hido, David Korty, Andrea Longacre-White, Jason Meadows, William Powhida, Matt Saunders, David Shrigley, Ramiro Gomez and Monique Van Genderen.

The Headlands Center for the Arts is an exciting multidisciplinary arts organization in the Bay Area offering a residency program, fellowship opportunities, a public program series, and workshops. Located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, their bucolic Marin campus provides a unique setting for resident artists to create work inspired by the landscape and outdoors of the rolling hills of the headlands.

[left] Matt Saunders, Hertha Thiele (Stripes) 2008, black-and-white photograph
[right] Liam Everett, Untitled 2013, acrylic, salt, alcohol, and lemon on linen

[left] Andrea Longacre-White, Prints of Prints (Red) 2012, archival inkjet print
[right] Samara Golden, Mask #58 2012, Rmax, acrylic, and Gorilla Glue