Caught My Eye: London

November 7, 2014

Glenn Ligon‘s exhibition Call and Response at Camden Art Centre should be seen by any London visitor. The artist’s 2014 neon work (Bruise/Blues) is inspired by Steve Reich’s tape-loop sound piece entitled Come Out, which utilizes the recorded interview of one of the six teenagers arrested for murder in the Harlem riot of 1964. Ligon alludes to a particular event: when the nervous teenager describes the injuries inflicted by the police, he mixes up his words and says “blues” instead of “bruise.” Stand-outs specifically at Frieze London include:

Glenn Ligon, Untitled (Bruise/Blues), 2014, Camden Art Centre, London


Glenn Ligon, Untitled (Bruise/Blues), 2014, Camden Art Centre, London


Installation of works by Thomas Demand, Tomás Saraceno, and Daniel Steegmann Mangrane, Esther Schipper, Frieze London


Installation shot of Diana Al-Hadid’s work, Marianne Boesky, Frieze London


Mark Hagen, Almine Rech Gallery, Frieze London


Vik Muniz, Pace Gallery, Frieze London